Customer Experience Mistakes
From ecommerce to CRM, marketing to order management, and everything in between, there’s a lot to manage when running a multi-channel retail business. The challenges — and opportunities — are
Start an eCommerce Business
There’s never been a better time: according to marketing intelligence agency Mintel, almost 70 percent of Americans shop online regularly. That’s almost 225 million people! There’s plenty of opportunities, but
Manufacturing Software Solutions
Ranga Bodla makes a good point in his post “Made in America: US Manufacturing Thrives on Innovation”: “The images we have of American industry are often bleak — shuttered
PSA Software
What is PSA Software? For service businesses managing multiple clients and projects, professional services automation (PSA) software can dramatically increase efficiency and profitability. From bid to bill, PSA software
Adaptive Insights
If you’re considering CPM software for your business, you’ve got a lot of options. One of the most frequent questions we hear from clients is the difference between Adaptive Insights
ERP Analysis
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software generates a lot of data. This is a double-edged sword for analysts, and ERP analysis is tricky. On the one hand, more data presents greater
ERP for Startups
Why Business Owners Should Consider Cloud-Based ERP for Startups Running a startup, you’re pulled in a lot of different directions. There are investors to pitch, numbers to crunch, and –
Business Intelligence Trends
Business Intelligence Trends for 2016 Business is complex, and strategic planning and decision-making aren’t getting any easier. Today, however, high-tech, low-maintenance business intelligence software is empowering analysts, managers and executives